Felix Meigel

Felix Meigel is an undergraduate studying physics at the University of Göttingen currently writing his master thesis in the Biological Physics and Morphogenesis group under the supervision of Dr. Karen Alim.
Having written his bachelor project in the group, he continued being a part of the group as an intern and wrapped up his bachelor project for a publication. In his bachelor project, Felix analysed absorption patterns in the xylem vascular network of plants employing analytic and numeric approaches. At the moment, he tries to translate these results to animal vasculature.
In his master project, Felix focuses on describing the spread of particles in porous media. Using an analytic approach, he aims to combine hydrodynamic descriptions with a statistical mean field theory.
During his studies Felix completed an internship at the department for Network Dynamics at the MPIDS analysing complex call structures of pilot whales using signal processing. In Spring 2017, Felix paused his studies and completed a six month internship in the group of Prof. Laan at the Delft Technical University (NL). During this internship, he performed growth measurements on budding yeast cultures gaining experimental experience in a biology laboratory.


Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization
Am Faßberg 17, Room 2.110
37077 Göttingen

Phone: +49 551 5176 224